delicious pizza
delicious pizza


About Chubby's

Chubby's Super Subs & Pizza is located on the corner of Bayshore Blvd and Interbay Blvd, just past Gandy Blvd, in South Tampa in a little brick building that some folks refer to as a "sentinel" that sits at the base of Bayshore in South Tampa.

For more three decades, since it was established by George and Zan Fuller in 1982, Chubby's has cooked up some of the best pizza in Tampa Bay and the subs - including that infamous "steak bomb" - are talked about as far away as Canada. Yummy pasta dishes bathed in homemade sauce and smothered in cheese and salads made fresh daily make Chubby's Super Subs and Pizza simply - SUPER!


Many have blogged and written reviews about the incredible food that is served out of a rather insignificant little building serving Pizza to the South Tampa crowd - and some have thought (in retrospect of dining with us) that perhaps judging a book by its cover isn't such a good idea after all.

If you're in the South Tampa area or if you're a military family new to the MacDill area and craving a pizza or cheese steak or pasta - stop in and see us. Bring the family or just come in for a quiet lunch or dinner. We are kid friendly and we offer a 10% discount (ID required) for active and retired military, as well as for policemen and firefighters. Once we stuff you to the gill, feel free to take a stroll down Bayshore or to nearby Ballast Point. The Ballast Point playground has recently been renovated and is great for kids of all ages.

Find Us

Chubby’s Super Subs & Pizza

5023 Bayshore Blvd,

Tampa, FL 33611

Phone. 813-831-5557